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About KID 2

KID 2 is a Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Brighton, UK. She writes dark, atmospheric, alternative music, inspired by a variety of genres.

At an early age, she was soon introduced to bands and artists such as Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Muse and Radiohead, which all sparked her musical interest. Before knowing English she would sing along and count how many times Thom Yorke sings raindrops in 'Sit Down. Stand Up' (which at the age of 7 was her favourite song); learn all the words to Muse's 'Butterflies and Hurricanes' and sit next to the stereo creating her own world and story to Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells - Pt. I'. Her interest in dark, weird and unpredictable soundscapes has only grown since then.

Other great influences not only in KID 2's songwriting, but in her life as a whole are fellow Norwegian artists Susanne Sundfør, Anja Garbarek and Aurora. She will listen to their words and melodies in awe.

"Music is an incredibly visual experience for me. If I hear something brand new and unique to my ears, I will forever see the places where I first heard the song as well as the scenery my mind created from listening that day. It is the same when I write my own songs, and whether I am rehearsing in my living room or playing on a stage, I will see those places in my mind's eye."

Her ultimate musical goal is therefore to create works that does not immediately remind people of something they have heard before, but rather allows the listener to see her music as images in their minds, like she started doing when she was a kid, and still does today.

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